walking directions with using Uri Navigation #wpdev

In past, I usually opened the map control and set the location to that of the cinema. The user can then tap route option to plot the route.

Recently I decided to use HERE maps launchers to do the same.. however Glenn Versweyveld suggested that I should rather use How to request driving or walking directions for Windows Phone 8.

Using that was equally easy.. you craft a Uri and then you launch it. the system takes care of lauching drive / walk apps appropriately.

Being a good developer, I wanted to assign a name to location shown on maps so I used Destination.Name parameter with something like “Cineworld – London Enfield” being my closest cinema.

When using ms-drive, Nokia HERE Drive+ launched correctly and display destination and driving directions.

However using ms-walk, Nokia HERE Maps would start but show users current location.. nothing about destination.. totally ignored. I tweeted my frustration and Randall Arnold mentioned that he had lots of issues with ms-drive and ms-walk and that it would ignore everything after ‘-‘ character.

So I stripped ‘-‘ out of destination but still nothing. so I decided to strip blank space ‘ ‘. Instead of specifying the whole “Cineworld – London Enfield”, I just set Destination.Name to “Cineworld”. Bingo.. HERE Maps launches with correct destination and walking directions.

Job done.


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