Operating system analysis of a small #uwp app user base #uwpdev

In 2015, I released Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 10 version of the Daily Mail Online app. The apps uses tracking to monitor usage etc. In the last set of builds for the first iteration of my work there, I set the OS to be Windows Phone 8.1, Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile. Whilst it was sufficient back then, it meant that I did not have sufficient data to set the Min Target SDK the 2nd time around.

Let me start by saying that my data is mostly UK centric.

Such data hasn’t so far been released by Microsoft and to ensure that I targeted as many users as possible I settled for a min target SDK to be 10240 (the first version of Windows 10).

I still have users on the early version of the app and those will never upgrade. There are significant users on Windows Phone 8.1 (dropping at a steady rate)

I have been monitoring this numbers every day and I finally decided to modify the Min SDK to 14939. This is why.

Of the Windows 10 users, majority were on 14393. 0.7% users are still on 10240, around 1.9% are on 10586.

I found 16 different builds of 10240 in use amongst those 0.7%

21 different builds for 10586

With number of Insiders matching those on older generations, its time move forward. Min target for next update is 14393 and a total of 33 Windows 10 builds to support.


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