Cool Camera updates

The first review of cool camera was 5 Start, the second was 2 start.

The first said that it would be nice to have digital zoom on camera and ability to pinch zoom when viewing the pictures. So, i have added 5 step digital zoom at moves in a step of 0.1. Pinch zoom is working, i have to get drag working and i might just add localisation 😦

The second reviewer said that it was too complicated. I tried to keep it as simple as i could – however i have removed the focus button and the shutter button – there’s a hardware button for shutter for crying out loud. Instead the users will get digital zoom button.

Might finish drag in picture viewer and then will get back on to Go A2B – still have the list of to-do’s and its not getting any smaller by itself.

Cool cam – new app while i wait for maps to finish downloading

Since the map download has been going on and on forever, i decided to keep myself busy…  welcome to cool cam. what does it do.. well its a camera… i know each device comes with its own app and so does Windows Phone and the app is not bad… just though why not… its got live screen and touch controls.

i am about to add effects so that the images are rendered (effect is applied) on the fly.

Need to add a couple of things like real camera… zoom (digital zoom – one that i always disable on real cameras) and maybe timer etc.