Reworking Slydr Dictionaries

In Slydr (See FAQ for more info) i consume the word lists that i have made available publicly.
Currently in Slydr, based on user trace, i generate a cleaned char list which is then use to find probable matches. This solution works in mosts cases as it uses user hesitation to determine the correct character.

While this works in mosts cases, there are always those who complain that it is too damn slow.
well there are things I can do and i am doing those. From next version of Slydr, there will be no char filteration, if you enter abcdefghi that is exactly what is used to char matching algorithm.

What i cannot do is make word matching faster. Unsafe code is a strict NO and i dont think i can speed up raw word matching.

I am hoping to reuse the logic i used to modify word lists. It is currently based on c# and WPF but i have kept it as close to Slydr code which is in WP7 Silverlight as possible. This way i can allow same optimsation for user word addition.