LongListSelector and scroll to top #wpdev

I pulled out my Marauder’s Map, tapped my wand and said “I solemnly swear I’m up to no good”. Bang Visual Studio opens up and I am back to playing with Cineworld app. I know a few users hate my ever so frequent updates but I use the app and I need change 🙂

so I recently got to putting a DatePicker and LongListSelector for being able to “Show by date” film listings. It all worked – well mostly worked until I realised that LongListSelector was scrolled all the way to the bottom. I wonder why..

Of course there is no SelectedIndex I could magically set so did a quick search on the net.. StackOverflow usually has all the answers to “the life, the universe and everything else” but it didn’t really have one for this question.

There was a note saying use UpdateLayout and then ScrollTo and setting it to ItemSource’s first child did the trick for WP8 but not for WP7.

var dataLetter = cd.GetGroupForDate(userSelection); // get the grouped list of films

FilmsForSelectedDate.Clear(); // clear the bound observable collection

foreach (var entry in dataLetter)

lstShowByDate.UpdateLayout(); // call updatelayout

if (FilmsForSelectedDate.Count != 0)
    lstShowByDate.ScrollTo(FilmsForSelectedDate[0]); // set scroll to first group in the list

The problem I realised was that the first group in the LLS had zero items i.e. it was not being shown. This affected WP7 toolkit LongListSelector but not the native WP8 LongListSelector

var dataLetter = cd.GetGroupForDate(userSelection);


foreach (var entry in dataLetter)


if (FilmsForSelectedDate.Count != 0)
    lstShowByDate.ScrollTo(FilmsForSelectedDate.First(g => g.HasItems));

So the solution as shown above is, find the group that has items and set scroll to that element.

Mischief managed!