Thank you WP Rewards Programme

I found out about Microsoft UK’s Developer incentive program about 3 weeks back. It closed this sunday and in that duration i only managed to push out Cool Camera. So i got 1 reward point – its shame.. if i had been keeping up-to-date, i could have done something over the last 3 months… oh well..

So i spent the sole point on a RC Helicopter 🙂 I was tempted by the Tea for Two but then i could have to go far and find childcare for my daughter… not worth it. Can’t wait for it 🙂

Yesterday WordMaster and WordMaster Free became available on marketplace. I have been spending some time on the free version and its not too bad.. its not really a game and i already found a bug 🙂 but i might develop it into a game – as if there aren’t enough word games out there.

I also pushed out Updated to Cool Camera. Now stands are 1.2 ? I modified it a bit based on user request – reduce the volume between 20:00 and 8:00, consume SoundEffect instead of MediaPlayer class to reduce lag (especially the shutter sound) and finally added Lighten / Darken filters.

Lighten / Darken filters use a combination of techniques – like the first pass of face dectection code here–Silverlight-4-Real-Time-Face-Detection
and finally using HSL to lighten darken the matched pixels.
While i was at it, i also realised that the effects preview was rendering all the images and was for that reason slow, i have correct that behaviour and now the effects rendering is a breeze 🙂

Cool Camera 1.1 and Go A2B

Cool Camera 1.1 is out now.. enhancements include

1) 5-step digital zoom

2) pinch zoom, drag and flick pictures in picture viewer.

3) live effects preview on thumbnails

4) localisation to all support languages – had to eat my words after checking stats for other apps.

5) layout simplification- two columns of selectable options instead of rows.

You can download the update by clicking the link below.

Go A2B works has been slow and i have slipped my target. I am still doing the HUD and i am trying to figure out how to calculate bits of display items e.g. speed – thats simple, distance pending on current leg, next itinreray (for displaying additional directions), max speed for this itinerary, ETA.

I spent about a day debating whether i should go with streamed TTS or have a nice sound files. I guess v1.0 will feature native sound files for English and i will expand in different markets once i have localised sound files in those languages.

Cool Camera 1.1 submitted

I had a last minute niggle yesterday… i finished localisation and the application of filters to thumbnail, obfuscated the xap and was ready to submit it and i thought… i should test and and guess what happened !!!

1) the zoom changes (2nd part – using ScaleTransform) mean the image was getting larger and going under the zoom buttons.. which of course was not acceptable.

2) same thing was happening in picture viewer.

so i spent time today to fix that, reverted to cropping the image and fitting it to image rather than scaling the image (i think its slower than scaling slightly as there’s bitmap creation etc but it works… we shall see.

the only thing i would have liked further is kinetic scrolling on flicking a zoom image, currently i move it twice the distance based on velocity.

Now i am back on Go A2B, the car has been moved to the center, the map viewer and i am working on checking the current location against the path and to recalculate if it moves say 50 meters off the current path., i have started to adding things to the HUD.

Cool Camera updates

The first review of cool camera was 5 Start, the second was 2 start.

The first said that it would be nice to have digital zoom on camera and ability to pinch zoom when viewing the pictures. So, i have added 5 step digital zoom at moves in a step of 0.1. Pinch zoom is working, i have to get drag working and i might just add localisation 😦

The second reviewer said that it was too complicated. I tried to keep it as simple as i could – however i have removed the focus button and the shutter button – there’s a hardware button for shutter for crying out loud. Instead the users will get digital zoom button.

Might finish drag in picture viewer and then will get back on to Go A2B – still have the list of to-do’s and its not getting any smaller by itself.

What happened to Slydr 2.6 ?

I submitted Slydr 2.6 Friday the 6th Jan as i though i’d better update NoDo users with latest changes. I branched current Mango code base and made changes to revert the code to NoDo compatible code. I didn’t realise it but i left Mango version of Silverlight Toolkit and 2.6 didn’t pass certification as the app crashes when you navigate to Settings page. This is what consumes the Silverlight toolkit based controls.

So what did i do ? Well to start with I pushed 3.2 (which is update to 3.1 Mango version and contains some bug fixes) and its currently in testing. I have also downloaded NoDo sdk to get my hands on NoDo Emulator so i can thoroughly test 2.6 when i push it for certificaiton in coming week.

Apart from that Cool Cam is close to completion. I have the photo viewer working correctly and all i need to do is get effects application code working correctly. I plan to finish it tonight and then hopefully i will polish it a bit (for example displaying a count down when using timer mode). Then comes the annoying part of localisation. I am keeping the text very simple and so i hope localisation is easy / more accurate.

Last week i also published entire word lists i have generated. I have uploaded 50k zip, entire zip and log file which details file count / word count etc etc.

Slydr for Nodo WP7 updated to 2.6

I made substantial changes in word matching algorithm and the dictionaries i packaged with the app when i released Mango update. I finally thought i’d update the last NoDo version of Slydr (2.5) with most changes i could accomodate.

Well i actually started with Mango code base, I used svn to branch the current code and then i revereted the project from WP7.1 Mango to WP7.0 NoDo version.

Feature removed from Mango version for NoDo compatibility

1) ShareTask replace by SearchTask

2) Arabic, Farsi and Hebrew removed (NoDo did not support RTL)

3) Localisation reverted to only original 5 WP7 languages (English, German, Spanish, French and Italian).

I wanted to update both WP7 based Slydr 2.5 to 2.6 and Mango WP7.1 based Slydr 3.1 to 3.2 however Marketplace would allow me only one update – which makes sense so i’ve submitted the 2.6 version. Once that is through, i will upload 3.1 to 3.2.

I also joined Microsoft UKs dev promotion (2 months late but still)- meaning that i will try to publish a few apps before 1st Week of Feb and might get points from Microsoft. These points can be swapped for goodies 🙂

If you are a UK based WP7 developer… dont forget to sign up @

As far as map downloads are concerned, i am finally done with Google maps for UK + Ireland and they are massive i tell you. I have to figure a way out to reduce the size. Maybe for the first version i will provide download and cache as you use. Camera app is going well, I have to add a couple of things, camera mode and photo viewer / editor etc.

I think for the sake of getting some goodies, i am going to submit the apps in following order

1) Cool Cam

2) Babel fish

3) Sat Nav

I dont have any other ideas and even if i did, i doubt i have enough time to finish the above. Keep you fingers crossed… Microsoft goodies here i come.