Beware oh beware of the Nullable type #uwp

Having done limited rollout yesterday I noticed a strange pattern. A huge number of crashes with “System.Runtime.ExceptionServices.ExceptionDispatchInfo.Throw

The most interesting bit was that the failures were only mostly on phones and not on desktop devices.


What the heck!! looking inside didn’t help much. The crash group on HockeyApp also mentioned ‘invalidoperation_novalue‘ Okay this was strange.. In another instance I had a similar invalidoperation_novalue but somewhat different location ‘System.Nullable$1.get_Value

In a few places I was using nullable int. that translates to System.UInt32

int? pos = null;

// elsewhere read it
var item = list[pos.HasValue ? pos.Value : 0];

// in other places I encountered some exceptions - can't remember what and I used null check rather than HasValue
var item2 = list[pos != null ? pos.Value : 0]; 

//or in newer iteration of csharp
var item3 = list[pos?.Value??0];

Somehow I was directly using instance of nullable directly. A few posts helped. I was sure that was the problem. Thanks to Carsten Schuette for showing the use of GetValueOrDefault

InvalidOperationException in DeviceUtils.DiagonalSize
System.InvalidOperationException must contain value for ViewModel

So in the latest build, I have replaced above usage with

int? pos = null;

// elsewhere read it
var item = list[pos.GetValueOrDefault(0)];

Only hoping that I identified and fixed the one that was causing the issue. Stack trace with .NET Native can be painful.

Exception Type:  System.InvalidOperationException
Crashed Thread:  2

Application Specific Information:
InvalidOperation_NoValue. For more information, visit

Exception Stack:
Microsoft.HockeyApp.Extensibility.Windows.UnhandledExceptionTelemetryModule.CoreApplication_UnhandledErrorDetected(Object sender, ApplicationModel.Core.UnhandledErrorDetectedEventArgs e)

Thread 2 Crashed:
0   SharedLibrary                        0x0000000002908719 0x0000000002580000 + 3704601
1   MOL-Desktop                          0x0000000001e1e122 0x0000000000c00000 + 18997538
2   SharedLibrary                        0x00000000028d3fcc 0x0000000002580000 + 3489740
3   SharedLibrary                        0x00000000028d3fa2 0x0000000002580000 + 3489698
4   SharedLibrary                        0x00000000028d3a0e 0x0000000002580000 + 3488270
5   SharedLibrary                        0x000000000290387a 0x0000000002580000 + 3684474
6   MOL-Desktop                          0x0000000001e1d783 0x0000000000c00000 + 18995075
7   SharedLibrary                        0x00000000028d3fcc 0x0000000002580000 + 3489740
8   SharedLibrary                        0x0000000002942c09 0x0000000002580000 + 3943433
9   SharedLibrary                        0x00000000028d369a 0x0000000002580000 + 3487386
10  MOL-Desktop                          0x0000000001b08a62 0x0000000000c00000 + 15764066
11  MOL-Desktop                          0x0000000001b0b397 0x0000000000c00000 + 15774615
12  MOL-Desktop                          0x0000000001b0b2ef 0x0000000000c00000 + 15774447
13  MOL-Desktop                          0x0000000001dd44db 0x0000000000c00000 + 18695387

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