Json Formatter Edge Extension #Windows10

The only reason I install Chrome now and again is to use extensions like Json Formatter extension. Recently Microsoft released Windows 10 Anniversary update.
Edge browser on this update supports extensions. This list of extensions on store is still limited. The team is analysing the performance and publishing them accordingly.

Can’t wait any longer. I started by cloning Json-Formatter repo and used Microsoft Edge Extension Toolkit to port the extension to work on Edge.

You can download the repo and install the extension after enabling Extension developer mode from ‘about:flags’edge-extension-developer-featuresload-extensions

The repo is on Github https://github.com/hermitdave/json-formatter-edge along with instructions

An example geonames json service can be found here

By default the json is displayed like this on Edge browser.Screenshot (43)

With the extension installed, it is displayed at belowScreenshot (42)Screenshot (44)

To port another extension use the Micosoft Edge Extension Toolkit available on Store

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