Lumia 930 – 1 week on #ConnectsTrial

For good part of last 6 months, I ensured that I took a moment to bug @Connects team w.r.t Lumia 930. Of course it wasn’t available back then.. they knew it, I knew it but that had to be done. I even reminded them that they never sent me a 1520 to review 🙂 and I suppose it worked 🙂

On 14th of this month, I got an email stating that they have 930 and I could be the first one to get my hands on it.. quickly filled out the form.. bang bang.. they dispatch the device the next day. I patiently waited good part of the morning for DHL to bring it in… At noon, I get an email stating package awaiting to be collected!!

The packaging isn’t brick box like earlier Lumia models but a flatter version like the one for Lumia 630.. I suppose this is the packaging for gen 2 devices.
930-Pic1 930-Pic2 930-Pic3 930-Pic4

The device is striking.. even without switching it on that much is clear.. the screen reminds me of Lumia 800’s curved glass and it is ever so slightly curved. The aluminium and the back shell remind me of Lumia 925 but its significantly flatter.. in fact the dimensions of 930 are about the same as Nexus 5. The back is tapered to give a feeling of thinness. I am not a big fan of green but I’d take the green or orange models instead of white or black ones. The green gives a nice neon lightening effect on a white table.. it is remarkably pleasant.

The first thing I did after powering it on was restored a Lumia 1020 backup on it. The device did warm up during this time and while all Lumia devices do warm up, I think aluminium chassis aids heat flow. The AMOLED display is just gorgeous.. At 441 dpi, it is significant ahead of any other devices out there oh and its full HD – 1080p. The device use Snapdragon 800 chipset and comes with 2GB of RAM. The outcome, its snappy.

It comes with 20MP CMOS as opposed to 40MP CMOS in Lumia 1020 but the combination of faster SoC and smaller CMOS means that taking pictures is a pleasure.. Here is a test capture showing speed differences.. both 1020 and 930 are set on 10 second delay.. I have tried best to tap at same time

the lens in 930 is wide though not as much as that of 1020. min focus distance is similar to that of Lumia 1020. You can view some of the pictures I have uploaded and judge for yourself

The battery life is similar to that of Lumia 1020.. my usage gives me just enough to last through the day. I have occasionally seen it warming up but I think a firmware might be due to fix that issue. Another side note, on a white background, I have seen the screen flicker a bit.. again a firmware update should sort that out.

I did power my 1020 a few times and I find it offensively slow and laggy. except for the 40 MP sensor I don’t cant think of anything that would pull me back.. I would trade it all in for a Lumia 930. Infact I am seriously thinking how on earth are @Connects team planning to get this device back.. they really think I am joking.. sigh.. I suppose they are in for a surprise 🙂



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