Certification Requirements update: Location Services Access #wpdev

Every since I can remember (at least 2 years now), the windows phone store’s certification requirements required:

  1. A store link to privacy policy
  2. Option to disable app’s use of location services.

If you didn’t do either of those two, the certification would fail (after about 7 days) and you would start again. However a fortnight back my Cineworld app failed a tiny update why ??? cause the update to certification requirements dictate that you also provide in app privacy policy (or a link) – not just on store.

Here are the new set of requirements:

App Policies: 2.7.2 Location Services Access

The privacy policy of your app must inform users about how location data from the Location Service API is used and disclose and the controls that users have over the use and sharing of location data. This can be hosted within or directly linked from the app. The privacy policy must be accessible from your app at any time.

Notification/Action Requested:

The app uses location services, however one or more of the following is missing:

  • A persistent privacy policy in-app
  • A privacy policy URL that is accessible through the Windows Phone Store
  • A privacy policy that is unique to the app

If you encounter certification failure, add a hyperlink button and point it to online privacy policy at the very least. Oh and in case you are wondering,  this used to be a Window 8 Store requirement – one store coming to devices near you ???


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