Nokia Normandy Take 2 ?

Last week I blogged my thoughts about Nokia Normandy and how unlikely it is.. since then (and not because I had anything to do with it) there has been talk about Nokia / Microsoft forking Android. The Verge posted about it.. so did WSJ so did Reuters.. Ed Bott wrote a nice summary as well :).

Ignoring all that.. I still think forking android is pretty big deal.. but what about this ?

* Asha as it stands today has a few Microsoft services and a few Nokia services. Post buy out, Nokia services will transition to Microsoft versions of the same ?

Android itself is a patent minefield and so is Dalvik but what if Nokia just forked Dalvik ? not the whole Android stack, just the runtime that will enable many apps to run ? Blackberry has done it.. so has Jolla.. so why can’t it be done for Asha ? Is it that big a deal ?

That would make Normandy Android like yet retain most of Microsoft driven services..


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