1Shot camera app #WP8 #WindowsPhone

It started off with Slydr, then Cineworld. Now I have another app that takes up most of my coding time. 1Shot camera app.

1Shot beta app is based on my usage patterns. If you like Nokia Camera (and its not bad), I am happy for you. If however like me, you wish that you could see High Resolution images on camera roll or you just don’t like mucking around with manual settings rather often choose modes, then 1Shot is the app for you.

By default you get on screen options to tweak Flash modes, use Timer, use multiple capture mode and additionally use camera modes exposed by device. Today I submitted a change that allows use to turn on Advanced camera options to view ISO, Shutter Speed, Exposure Compensation and White Balance Presets.

The beauty of 1Shot app is

  • its very simple interface
  • you can use it on any WP8 device.
  • If your device supports High resolution capture like 1520 or 1020, the app will use those and copy the high res image straight to camera roll.
  • All images captures are made available for skydrive sync.

There’s still a lot more that needs to be done. You can download the app from Windows Phone Store – just remember, its still early days and is labelled Beta for that reason



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