Windows Phone development 2.5 years on #wpdev

A Lot has happened since I purchased HTC Mozart WP7 device back in March 2011. There is now way I would have known about how things would change as a result.

So what has happened in the last 2.5 years ? Well I have about 23 odd apps in Store, they generate some revenue and as of 28th October, total app downloads hit 200,000. There are some that get lots of downloads but generate 0 revenue but they do generate goodwill and some day might pay off.

One such app is Cineworld app for Windows Phone. Developed in May / June last year, it has evolved a lot since early days and it has over 55,000 downloads and 2000+ UK Store reviews

Of course most of these apps were developed without any thoughts to modern app design / architecture 🙂

What started as a hobby is now a full time job (bye bye enterprise development). I still do hobbyist development (as I was telling a colleague, life is pretty boring – wpdev takes all free time) – recently published 1Shot beta app that allows high res capture and skydrive sync – something that Nokia themselves did not do.

I work for a respectable name in mobile commerce – Monitise alongside Alla Goichuk. From rogue hobbyist I have almost turned into a decent (wanted to say goes by the book… yeah right who am I kidding) Windows Phone developer.. hell I even occasionally talk about my preferred MVVM framework 🙂

My passion for Windows Phone development and for Metro (aka Modern UI Principles if you wish) remains high. I look forward to creating and seeing windows phone apps that grow beyond stock templates. Will I still feel the same when downloads hit 500k ?


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