So how did I get #GDR2 for #Lumia920

I have been debating whether to pay up for Navifirm to be able to find and install GDR2 for Lumia920. I remember Andy Wilson paying up and tweeting that he couldn’t find his devices firmware there. So I decided its not worth going down XDA-developers route, instead I could just wait a bit.

Yesterday evening, Wolfgang Ziegler, tweeted that he installed #GDR2 on his device and I said.. that’s it.. bloody hell.. time to get on with it.

So like my usual cheerful self, I quickly glanced at the post, downloaded Nokia Software for Retail 3.0.8 and back.. I have an update waiting to install.. blimey.. proceed without caution 🙂

Didn’t I say my usual self ?

1.3 gig download, installed in 10 mins, after configuration, of course bloody backup can’t be used as by default APN isn’t set and data connection is off.. hang on.. it was working fine when I reset the Lumia925.. quick check.. damn what.. no Amber / GDR2.. how the hell..

Oh well I suppose it was intermediate update.. plug in again and bang.. NSR says another update waiting to be installed.. for the first time I actually paid attention to the update version.. bloody thing was asking me to update the same version and forcing ROM overwrite each time..

Damn you Hermit Dave.. stupid git.. never read the instructions.. RTFM.

While trying to find Nokia Software for Retail, I remember being tempted into reading How to download Nokia Firmware with Nokia Data Package Manager.
So next step.. download and install Nokia Data Package Manager.. input correct details and search.. oops latest version is same as the one shown in NSR.

Another idea.. last year when I was hacking about trying to install 7.8 on Lumia800, I downloaded another firmware, remained a few files to match the product code and then used Nokia Care Suite. Quick check.. already had latest Nokia Care Suite – installed while I was deliberating 🙂
back to Wolfgang Ziegler blog, downloaded the ROM for his device 🙂 A quick rename and tried flashing with NSR and NCS.. ooops some files are missing.. nope rename wouldn’t do…

Check on XDA-Developers said you can install other ROMs.. as long as you just pick the version, start programming, select ROM and then plug the device when prompted.. did that, it said.. product codes don’t match.. Proceed ? Hell yes.. 10 mins flashing and after a few nervous minutes.. device up and running and bang.. backup worked as APN was set correctly like on Lumia925.. wohooo looks like I have GDR2.. quick check proved that to be the case 🙂

Job done..


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