Haswell Ultrabook 2 weeks on

I have been using the Intel Haswell Ultrabook for 2 weeks now. Most of my usage is either during train commute or late in the evening.

I could look at hardware specs but I already did some of it in previous post and this is an extract from Jessie Liberty’s recent post http://jesseliberty.com/2013/07/25/intel-haswell-ultrabook-pre-release-first-look/

“The computer came with 4GB of memory and a 180GB SSD with an Intel Core i5-435OU Processor (formerly code-named Haswell). ”

So lets start with what I have installed on it so far.

  1. came with Windows 8 Pro – with a shiny Intel logo on boot screen. Used MSDN key 🙂
  2. Visual Studio 2012
  3. Windows Phone 8 SDK
  4. Paint.net
  5. tweet deck

I am a light user of apps.. Mostly have only the app I develop installed as they are deployed during testing 🙂

So how has it been during the 2 weeks I have used it ? Well I have so far had about 4 solutions open at once in addition to  two emulators – WP7 and WP8. Have had azure compute emulator running as well.

Its managed to do it all just fine – bearing in mind that it only has 4GB RAM and I have seen about 80 mem usage without any slow down. If I am doing too many things, the fan eventually comes on for a bit.

The full HD screen is awesome in terms of being able to squeeze in more on the screen – especially for VS.

So far I only noticed one thing – it doesn’t have a Wacom / EM digitizer. I tried a capacitive stylus but the experience wasn’t particularly good so I took to drawing pad out earlier.

I could always buy a cheap Wacom addon – or just carry drawing pads – not like I design UX every day.

BTW the backlit keyboard is awesome.. I no longer need to strain my eyes or keep the lights on when coding late at nights 🙂 Its still one of the best things personally 🙂 the screen brightness control is also excellent

Lastly everyone wants to know about Haswells battery life.  I only use it for a few hours like I said before – commute and evening work – the few times I have left it unplugged, it never dropped below 75% which even for a 3 hour usage isn’t too shabby


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