Macro Photography with Lumia 925

I am no camera expert by any chance but I love taking pictures. I have gone through various iterations of point and shoot digital cameras, then Bridge camera and finally a proper Digital SLR. I love the Canon EOS especially when I have a prime lens on it. However most pictures I take are nowadays with my phone.

Currently I am trialling the Lumia 925 and likes its predecessor Lumia 920, the 925 has Optical Image Stabilisation OIS in short – not many phone cameras have this feature – this is the 2nd ever device. Most phones out there would give you software based digital stabilisation which doesn’t really cut 🙂

So apart from taking normal pictures, I have taken to taken Macro shots using Closeup mode. The output has been great. Here are some of the shots. the detail in some cases is awesome – just click on a picture to view it in full res as saved by the device. I will update this post as I take more macros in coming days



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