Positive changes to Windows Azure Mobile Services coming our way

Over the last few weeks, I have hassled / lobbied twitter for votes (for my uservoice) on recently announced changes to Windows Azure Mobile Services. I doubled / triple tweeted two contacts – neither where amused 😦

I mentioned in past that I have been in conversation with Josh Twist. He turned out to be very patient and our conversations included what I think are acceptable limits for free tier. Having replied and not having heard back , I was kinda losing hope of anything happening on that front until earlier this morning.

Josh forwarded my conversation to the mobile services team and I spoke to Kirill Gavrylyuk. Based on our conversation, free tier will get some changes – 100 device limit will be replaced. I know with what – however I will let Kirill and Windows Azure team send out the email notification 🙂

One thing to note is that Free tier doesn’t have SLA and wont have SLA. I think that’s perfectly acceptable. I am very happy about upcoming changes.

I would like to thank both Josh and Kirill for kind consideration. I would like to thank all those who got hassled by me.

Here’s to Windows Phone and Windows 8 development!! Happy coding


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