How to renew your Windows Store subscription using MSDN code

If you have an msdn account, you get codes for registering on both Windows Phone and Windows Store. These allow you to submit apps and generate revenue (potentially) for free since you are already playing for MSDN.

Last year while waiting for my app to be approved by App Excellence Lab, this feature was announced and having gone through 3 different AEL sessions, I found it easy to register account using MSDN provided code 🙂

Its almost a year since that day, I haven’t managed to generate enough revenue to pay for it but I am fortunate enough to have MSDN account and have a code at hand.

The notification email advises heading to and renewing there – alternatively you do nothing and they charge your card.

Visiting the above site, I only saw renewal options paying by card / Direct Debit or paypal.. no option to use MSDN code. I kept looking around and here’s how you do it. Copy code to clipboard and navigate to


From dashboard, click Subscription and then click Renew button. You will get this page


Paste your MSDN supplied 7 character code and hit update total. After a few checks the total should be displayed as 0.00. Click Next and follow through.

Note: If your card has expired or is invalid, you will get Invalid session message and it will prompt you to start again. Click Signin and enter new card details (it needs a valid card even though you are paying 0.00) and complete the process.

Done.. you will get a confirmation email when you have completed the process. Lets hope this year brings more financial rewards to Win8dev


5 thoughts on “How to renew your Windows Store subscription using MSDN code

  1. Ya this article is pretty much useful. I have a question. I just opened windows store account using dreamspark key and the validity of the account ends by 16/10/2013. I don’t have this msdn code with me. How to get the msdn code? can you pls help me

    • If you have a valid MSDN subscription, you should have a choice when you go to msdn subscription site (says something like Windows Store Token). If you don’t have MSDN subscription, you will have to spend some hard earned cash

  2. I have the a MSDN subscription, but I already use the code to create the account last year. Does this mean we can use the code once although our MSDN account won’t expire for another year?

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