MVVM and me – Part 3

Today is continuation of yesterday’s post.

Yesterday my goal was to find out how one goes about setting static page strings in MVVM. There are many ways.

  1. Hard code it directly in xaml
  2. Define resources in App.xaml
  3. Use Resource Dictionary

I have used ResourceDictionary a lot in past when dealing with Localization and I think that is the only right way to set xaml strings. That takes care of present and future need without being too bulky

By default my WP8 project added support for Localisation, It created Resource folder with AppResources.resx, LocalizedString class that exposes the resources and finally set it as a resource in App.xaml.


All you then do is set the strings like this

<TextBlock Text="{Binding LocalizedResources.MainViewChoiceText, Source={StaticResource LocalizedStrings}}" Margin="12, 0"/>

All sorted. And in case you decide to localise your apps, all you need to do is add more resx files.


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