Enthasiasts beware

I have been a keen buyer of unlocked / sim free devices for years. The reason.. more manageable contracts and you get the latest and greatest updates without worrying about Telco’s update approval red tape.. Unfortunately my experiences over the last 1.5 years tell me that things aren’t the same..

Ever since Nokia released first Windows Phone 7 product, the update release cycles have been secretive. Even developers do not have access to new releases like before. I don’t necessarily blame Nokia for it but something has changed with Microsoft WP Team. Windows Phone 8 was supposed to get around this by OTA… guess what..it hasn’t.. Portico was released days after #WP8 became public and surprise surprise.. its rolling across all locked / Telco managed devices.. the only ones who are left behind are the enthusiasts who getting it the last. So much for shelling out your hard earned cash..

If you think this was the end of my rant.. it isn’t… I also learned recently that by default, Windows Phone while having the capability to do NFC Secure wallet payment has been shipped neutered.. yes it has a big piece missing and it requires your Telco to release that piece.. now you my enthusiast friend are stuffed.. if your Telco starts supporting Secure Wallets stuff, be prepared to flash your devices with Telco ROM.. that’s your only hope as things stand today.

I suppose I better go back to coding now. Have a fantastic evening..


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