Slides and Sample Code from Async Task talk

I have uploaded sample from from my async task talk I did last week on github.

Here is the slide from the talk – Async Programming.

I started by talking about Event based async.. how framework converted sync WCF methods into event driven async methods when one adds a reference for Silverlight or Winddows Phone or Windows 8 projects. I further explained that if you had multiple dependent calls and how async task might actually help.

Next up for a very simple explanation of async task. how async task code creates a dynamic structure which is used to execute the actual code. I mentioned how async task is run on the same thread the current execution is suspended. This raised many questions.. I tried to unsatisfactorily explain the mechanism (by the looks of it). The idea was to talk through individual samples. So next I fired up App and VS and talked individual samples.

There was a hairy project moment when I was trying to show multi-threading using async task.

I think it was okay.. maybe I should have chosen an easier subject ? maybe I just need to sound more convincing next time. I am also going to have comparable async event samples side by side. There were some comments. 1st one was the same day.. very critical comment suggesting that I knew nothing (as I said async does not result in creation of new threads for execution of the said code). The chap further critisied my samples are overly simple.. and finally my projector skills (issues during the last part of event).

Oh well.. Should I continue talking on the subject ?


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