Embed / use custom font in Windows 8 Store apps #win8dev #winrt

I was supposed to blog earlier but forgot. Saw a question on Stackoverflow and thought.. now is the time. So how does one embed fonts ?
Well just include them in project as Content files.

How do you use them.. here is how

<ComboBox x:Name="cbFont" Width="230" Margin="0, 10, 0, 0" Foreground="Black" Background="Gray" SelectionChanged="cbFont_SelectionChanged">
     <ComboBoxItem Content="12:34" FontFamily="Assets/Fonts/akka.ttf#Akka" />
     <ComboBoxItem Content="12:34" FontFamily="Assets/Fonts/alghorie neue.ttf#alghorie neue" />
     <ComboBoxItem Content="12:34" FontFamily="Assets/Fonts/Alpha Mutation.ttf#Alpha Mutation" />
     <ComboBoxItem Content="12:34" FontFamily="Assets/Fonts/AlphaFlowers.ttf#AlphaFlowers" />
     <ComboBoxItem Content="12:34" FontFamily="Assets/Fonts/AMSTRG__.TTF#Ams Trame" />
     <ComboBoxItem Content="12:34" FontFamily="Assets/Fonts/ARCADE_I.TTF#Arcade Interlaced" />
     <ComboBoxItem Content="12:34" FontFamily="Assets/Fonts/ARCADE_R.TTF#Arcade Rounded" />

You dont have to use combo box you can use anything.. i use it with TextBlock etc as well. Just remember. After the font file name, you need to put the font name itself. Thats all

7 thoughts on “Embed / use custom font in Windows 8 Store apps #win8dev #winrt

  1. Does anyone have an idea on how one can protect the fonts?
    I have a custom True Type font, but if i embed it in the app package, anyone can unzip the app and have access to the fonts

    • it isn’t exactly walk in the park to download appx from store and unzip it.. as long as your font isn’t marked as free, you can always sue anyone who consumes without licensing

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