The Good, the Bad and the Mobile

This article is part of a series about my experience porting apps from Windows Phone to Windows 8. Official porting guidance can be found here and don’t forget to follow the Building Windows 8 blog and the Windows 8 App Developer blog for the latest information.


This article will be what my co-worker and friend Ryan Lowdermilk likes to refer to as a “SEO piece”. What Ryan means is while it may not make for easy chair reading, it will still meet a need for those searching for a particular piece of information. The information in this article is how commonly used Windows Phone APIs and XAML features map (or do not map) to their Windows 8 counterparts.

There won’t be a lot of dialog in this article. I’ll mention what the API is used for, show the Windows Phone version and show the Windows 8 version. If there…

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