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Kilorn's XNArchitecture

This is the first tutorial that I ever wrote. It was originally posted on Dream.In.Code. Dream.In.Code is a programmers community with forums for just about every language that is currently used today in software development, not just game development. I suggest you manually type all of the code in this tutorial. This will help you out more than you realize in the long run. After all, we’re programmers, not copy/pasters.

The image I am going to use for this tutorial is a 16 frame sprite sheet that I created myself with the help of MSPaint. It’s an awesome tool for pixel artists as there’s no blending like you’ll find with Photoshop or some of the other high end image editing programs out there. The sprite sheet, as I already mentioned, is 16 frames wide, and only one frame tall. This means that all of the sprites for this sprite sheet…

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