Cineworld UK / IE and NatureSounds app submitted to #AppHub #wpdev #wp7dev

Last few weeks i have been working most of the times. I have finished 2 more apps and submitted them to AppHub this means i should have 4 points soon enough to get myself another #Lumia 800. Surprising wife suggested that I might load some music / videos / games for our daughter and she (my wife) will use it. now thats a good thing 🙂

The Cineworld app is a simple app. I am not planning to monetize it – dont know if its actually worth monetizing or whether it will sell enough. I’d be happy to receive good feedback (though thats unlikely). Cineworld site exposes JSON which i readily consumed and i display Films / Cinema info. Users can select a film, cinema and it shows them show times, trailer (youtube) and show times etc.

NatureSounds app plays background sounds like beach or a river and birds etc in the background. Users can create their own at and i can make them available within app in a few mins :). This was also my first use of #Azure for hosting.

This week, i plan to update @Wordastic and @CoolCameraWP apps after that its Windows 8 Development for a bit.


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