Optimising ad revenue #WP7 #windowsphone #wpdev

My app Alarm Clock makes about £25.00 a month based on ad revenue. It displays tons of ads but the main ad revenue is from US only. For other regions the ePCM and the resultant earnings are low enougo be totally ignored.

Here’s a fresh example from pubcenter. Last month, revenue from

Market Impressions Revenue ePCM
United States 37,948 23.05 0.61
Italy 24,558 0.00 0.00
Germany 66,842 2.93 0.04

There’s a wP7 control called adrotar that works with a few ad providers however in past i couldnt get it to work. Recently i came across a more recent control called unified ad control – http://wpunifiedad.codeplex.com/ The premise like adrotar is to maximise ad revenue by giving user the option to customise ad provider per country. Eg. In US you could have a set of ad providers that give best ePCM for US. In UK, you can change those to ones that give deal for UK ads – you get the idea.

I tried it yesterday and with the help of its creater Mark, http://mark.mymonster.nl i have it working. I have modified the non US countries to use a mixture of ad provider excluding pubcenter, leaving pubcenter for US only. Only time will tell how things go.


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