Cool Camera 1.1 and Go A2B

Cool Camera 1.1 is out now.. enhancements include

1) 5-step digital zoom

2) pinch zoom, drag and flick pictures in picture viewer.

3) live effects preview on thumbnails

4) localisation to all support languages – had to eat my words after checking stats for other apps.

5) layout simplification- two columns of selectable options instead of rows.

You can download the update by clicking the link below.

Go A2B works has been slow and i have slipped my target. I am still doing the HUD and i am trying to figure out how to calculate bits of display items e.g. speed – thats simple, distance pending on current leg, next itinreray (for displaying additional directions), max speed for this itinerary, ETA.

I spent about a day debating whether i should go with streamed TTS or have a nice sound files. I guess v1.0 will feature native sound files for English and i will expand in different markets once i have localised sound files in those languages.

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