Cool Camera 1.1 submitted

I had a last minute niggle yesterday… i finished localisation and the application of filters to thumbnail, obfuscated the xap and was ready to submit it and i thought… i should test and and guess what happened !!!

1) the zoom changes (2nd part – using ScaleTransform) mean the image was getting larger and going under the zoom buttons.. which of course was not acceptable.

2) same thing was happening in picture viewer.

so i spent time today to fix that, reverted to cropping the image and fitting it to image rather than scaling the image (i think its slower than scaling slightly as there’s bitmap creation etc but it works… we shall see.

the only thing i would have liked further is kinetic scrolling on flicking a zoom image, currently i move it twice the distance based on velocity.

Now i am back on Go A2B, the car has been moved to the center, the map viewer and i am working on checking the current location against the path and to recalculate if it moves say 50 meters off the current path., i have started to adding things to the HUD.

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