Go A2B – Route Calculation complete

Day 5 today: I thought i wouldn’t get much done on Sunday but i was wrong. I did spend an hour or two yesterday and i worked on the map display side of things.

I added the offline tiles code and i optimsed the code to use a single thread that runs / stops as required – using my favourite ManualResetEvent to pause / restart / exit it. In fact its good code that does what it needs to.

Today i got the route calculation part in and i plugged it in with the GeoWatcher so once current location is determined, route calculation is called. BTW i did get around to doing a physical phone test today!!

Next things so do

1) Speed, next leg info etc in the hud

2) TTS based on route info

3) get the bleeding car in the centre of the map

4) rotate the map as required based on values returned by gps.

5) do settings page

For anyone interested in doing something like this, don’t persist GeoResult – i tried and i got a few FormatException trying to deserialise it. Now i am persisting way point.


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