Go A2B Day 3

Having done some work in december on Offline Tiles, I got to downloading maps and then it just died. The maps i downloaded are enormous and there’s no way in hell i can give users a mechanism to download them. So there.. a good month and half wasted with no progress. Any how after i submitting Cool Camera 1.0 and Slydr update 2.6, i started with a brand new project – previous work was proof of concept.. not something sellable.. i myself wouldn’t buy that 🙂

The basic layout is close to completion. Done with address lookup (Bing Geocode service) and address display and persistance code – i am finally in the Map View part (Bing Maps Silverlight control). I have started with bits of previous work.. will have to start adding it to this project slowly – i dont think i will do much tomorrow – monday i might just do a real device test to see how it works… i think next week i should be done with this app (at least that’s what i am hoping for).

I will release the offline tiles solution once i sell say 1000 of Go A2B ? Should i givc users a fully functional trial and only allow them to navigate within say x miles like gps tuner ?

I am tired… i think i’m done for the day.


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