No localisation for Cool Camera 1.0

Having finished Cool Camera day before yesterday, I started localising it. Its a tedious process and here’s my take on it. Its not really worth it.

My personal experience is that sales of English app is about 10 times that of all non english apps combined.

Slydr English Downloads : 9163

Slydr Non-english Downloads: 1510

I am pretty sure others apps might have a slightly different ratio but its not going to be a massive difference. For that reason, v1.0 is not localised. Its English only.

I guess i will keep that model for all new apps and localise them as requested by users.

Looks like stats of other apps dont agree with Slydr stats.

Alarm clock: 727 – English 327

Alarm clock Free: 3247 – English 997

Okay i might have to go through Localisation after all for next version.


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