Cool Camera 1.0 submitted

Cool Camera 1.0 has been submitted to microsoft. I have tested it thoroughly – though i gotta start using the Marketplace Test Kit that microsoft ships.

This is how it stands today. the app provides easy toggle for flash modes, resolution and drive modes. Yes Drive modes – single shot, continous, 2 Second Timer and 10 Second Timer.

The app by default streams live view untouched (other while depending upon the effect – it gets all jerky) so that it performs well. I have added picture viewer that supports flick gesture in addition to using buttons to browse between photos. The user can choose to appy effects / filters (Black and White, Sepia, Tilt Shift, Polaroid, Red, Blue and Green filters). If they like the effect, they can save the modified photo.

Let’s see if it gets through certification and how it does in real market – let the slating begin 🙂 🙂 – my first entry for Windows Phone Incentive program is done.

A small change of plans – going to ditch Babel fish – enough translators in market place. I am doing to push 2.6 and start working on Sat Nav app.



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