Slydr for Nodo WP7 updated to 2.6

I made substantial changes in word matching algorithm and the dictionaries i packaged with the app when i released Mango update. I finally thought i’d update the last NoDo version of Slydr (2.5) with most changes i could accomodate.

Well i actually started with Mango code base, I used svn to branch the current code and then i revereted the project from WP7.1 Mango to WP7.0 NoDo version.

Feature removed from Mango version for NoDo compatibility

1) ShareTask replace by SearchTask

2) Arabic, Farsi and Hebrew removed (NoDo did not support RTL)

3) Localisation reverted to only original 5 WP7 languages (English, German, Spanish, French and Italian).

I wanted to update both WP7 based Slydr 2.5 to 2.6 and Mango WP7.1 based Slydr 3.1 to 3.2 however Marketplace would allow me only one update – which makes sense so i’ve submitted the 2.6 version. Once that is through, i will upload 3.1 to 3.2.

I also joined Microsoft UKs dev promotion (2 months late but still)- meaning that i will try to publish a few apps before 1st Week of Feb and might get points from Microsoft. These points can be swapped for goodies 🙂

If you are a UK based WP7 developer… dont forget to sign up @

As far as map downloads are concerned, i am finally done with Google maps for UK + Ireland and they are massive i tell you. I have to figure a way out to reduce the size. Maybe for the first version i will provide download and cache as you use. Camera app is going well, I have to add a couple of things, camera mode and photo viewer / editor etc.

I think for the sake of getting some goodies, i am going to submit the apps in following order

1) Cool Cam

2) Babel fish

3) Sat Nav

I dont have any other ideas and even if i did, i doubt i have enough time to finish the above. Keep you fingers crossed… Microsoft goodies here i come.

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