OT: UK and the European Union

I guess what has happened recently is probably for the good of European Union.
I personally believe that EU as a single market doesn’t work. We need a closer union, I’m a unionist while being capitalist.. i know usually they dont go hand in hand.

I was hoping that EU would become a formal federal country but those plans were dashed by our ex-prime minister Tony Blair who favoured weaker ties and single market and opened EU out to new members.

I guess it was about time for UK to make its mind up. And by the looks of it we have decide to be outside the private members club. Having veto’d the changes to Lisbon Treaty will essentially force rest of the countries to work / coordinate by other means / creation of a new club and since UK didn’t signup to it, it won’t have a say – which is good for Federal Europe but not for UK’s single market idea.

i personally would have prefered budgetary caps – rather than being able to borrow more and more. we shall see what happens next


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