WP7 Offline Map working

I have managed to persist and use tiles with the silverlight map control.

By default, the map control does not allow uristore based paths. What i have done is bypass the MapTileLayer and directly feeding the tiles to the map. This way i dont have to worry about MultiScaleImage and its inability to deal with uristore based tile Uri. I would have had this working yesterday had i not mistaken Tile’s X and Y coordinates with Latitude and Longitude. Today after an hour of battling with it I eventually realised it and so i wrote code to convert from Tile X, Y to Latitude, Longitude values and eureka… Offline maps working 🙂

now that i can read offline images, i guess time to move to other areas.

I am glad its working.. some confidence in my abilities restored (might be a bit slow but what the heck :))


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