Offline tiles solution ?

As i said in my last post, i have been going around with Reflector and ISDASM. Most of the .net developers should know that Reflector is one of the best decompilers. However if you obfuscate your code even Reflector can’t do much. Thats where ISDASM comes in. ISDASM is a tool that we come across when we start programming and it shows IL for any assembly. IL is synonymous to assemly language as compared to C or C++.

Well the beauty of ISDASM is that even obfuscated code needs to be CLR understandable and anything CLR can read so can ILDASM. I tried to read IL from one of the apps i know uses offline maps but like me the devs in that app had obfuscated the code – which is understandable. I even got started on reading IL books (you know i have a very short attention span) but i decided to trust my instincts and guess what ILDASM was showing me and all i can say is that Tile Source is useless like i already discovered.

uristore based absolute uri cannot be loaded by map or possibly multi source image that is consumed by map object. What you need to do is manage the tiles yourself from the begining. no tile source needed. Based on user’s current position you load the tiles you want.

Now loading a given tile is not difficult based on coordinates however a tile is 256 x 256 pixels wide so my next problem is figuring out how many tiles to load around the current coordinate. Fortunately there is lot of info on how tile system works and i will figure it out soon.


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