GPS App – Reached first resistance

Over the last couple of days i have been looking into  GPS app. So far:

1) Can plot a route (not walk the route though)

2) Fetch and save the Tiles using a custom tile source so as to get handle on the url.

However i cannot use isostore based URL. I have tried direct uri, “/Shared/ShellContent/” based uri like one that works for tiles, i added randomisation so that uri caching doesn’t work. So far it only works the when getting the data from web. Once it has data, it just doesn’t paint. Surpringly no error, just the map stays black. I guess multisource image does not like isostore uri’s

I know it can be done as i have an app that does it. Infact i doubt any GPS app is using custom control.

Richard mentioned on the forum that he has done it for a client and that he might post the code in a month’s time. So all is not lost. If i can’t figure it out in a month –

a) i am lousy at what i do

b) i am lousy at searching

c) i can still use the solution when published.

While all the above statements are possibly true, all is not lost. I am putting my skills to good use by using .net reflector and ILDASM to figure exactly what needs to be done.


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