How difficult is it to write SatNav app ?

Over the last couple of days i have been thinking about whether i should write a SatNav app as Garmin is still not available in Europe. Navigon costs 70 odd quid (oh come on now.. i can buy a standalone SatNav for a bit more). Infact GPS tuner do a part online part offline SatNav which is what i have (good price of 3.99) and have a fully offline one for 37 quid.

Now for me to design a fully online map is easy.. it will take me a couple of days to put it together. Part offline / part online is difficult as i need to figure out persisting map data. So i guess i am going to start with

1) Online only maps to start with

2) Persist map data so only route calculation is online

3)  Look at Navteq maps so see if i can do all of it offline in step 3.

So far i have spent less than 24 hours and i have good idea about Step 1. Time to crank up.



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