Disable Kindle 3 Screensaver.

Hacking kindle to only have one screensaver works like a charm for kindle’s batter life.. lot better than disabling screensaver.


Over the last 6 months, since Windows Phone programming has taken most of my commuting times my Kindle usage has dropped. I do read occassionally though that also stopped when i started reading programming books on it 🙂

What i have noticed is that whenever I start kindle, the battery has been drain and i need to plug it in. All because by default Screensaver runs and keeps changing the displayed picture there by using the battery now and again. Well i tried a few days back and i tried again today to disable the screensaver and it worked this time.

this is what you do.

  1. Press Home button.
  2. Press Menu and select Search
  3. type the following commands and press enter each time.
    • ;debugOn
    • ~disableScreenSaver
    • ;debugOff

There are other commands availble after ;debugOn. They can be viewed by using ~help. they are listed below:

  1. ~changeLocale
  2. ~disableScreensaver
  3. ~dumpIndexStats
  4. ~exec
  5. ~help
  6. ~indexStatus
  7. ~meminfo
  8. ~reloadContentRoster
  9. ~resumeScreensaver
  10. ~startIndexing
  11. ~stopIndexing
  12. ~usbNetwork.

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