Slydr Progress Update

Slydr rework is close to completion. Now slydr uses entire trace to determine match. There is no speed detection.

You can trace fast or slow and you will get same result.. unlike before. I have also consumed a new algorithm which genenrates a probability / similarity between 0 and 1. The algorithm executes after Levenstein Distance and is slower so i had to resort to changes to reduce number of items i match and it seems to work fine now. Might continue optimising it to remove unncessary work later.

As a result, i had to redo all dictionaries to ensure that in addition to word, i also had path data depending upon that language / layout. Its has taken me a long time as the code i used to generate new dictionaries was WPF but i tried to stay as close to Silverlight as i could.

On UI side, i have moved entire code to using TouchScreen TouchReported event unlike before where part of work was done in TouchReported and other was done using high level Mouse Enter event.

Instead of spawning new threads to check for new user added words, i have moved to using threadpool.

I have to test a few bits like migrating existing user added words to generate trace path and i am going to add persistance of user usage. In addition i need to add ability to reset user added words and usage from settings page.

I am sure there will still be complains but what can i do ?


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