WP7 performance progress bar

The nice animation of … across the screen is available to developers by means of performance progress bar. It is implemented as a storyboard animation.. etc etc…

If you are doing something thats going to take some time, its a nice idea to display progress bar to the user. However before you get all fired up about using performance progress bar wait a minute..

Scenarios where its ideal to use performance progress bar

  1. You are are making a webservice call or waiting for something to happen. the background process is more of waiting than processing.

Thats the only scenario where it makes sense performance progress bar.

If you are loading a file or loading data from database dont even think about it. Why because performance progress bar uses a bit of CPU cycles.

My tests a while back based on loading a file where

1) Without performance progress bar – 5 seconds

2) With performance progress bar running – 8 to 9 seconds.

I will post more on this some time soon.


2 thoughts on “WP7 performance progress bar

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