Can’t make my mind up

2.5 went live a couple of days back and i can’t make up my mind.

I have upgraded the project to Mango.
I have also started updating keyboard layouts to 800 x 256 from 656 x 256 (like the default keyboard in landscape mode).

I am just not sure whether i should push the keyboard layouts as a part of Mango only release or should i not do a mango release…

if i do a mango release it will take me a good week or two as things to do include
* landscape layouts for both arabic and hebrew.
* new landscape layouts for all other languages
* ensure that layout changes work across
* get someone to test hebrew and arabic for me 🙂
* remove search button and add share option for posting on social networks.
* look into favourite contacts..

I have also been spending some time reading up Windows Phone programming book by Charles Petzold.. the famed windows programmer / writer. this book is available for free from his webiste


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