Alarm Clock 1.6 submitted, Slydr 2.4 now available for download

Slydr 2.4 has passed certification day before yesterday and it has been available for download since yesterday. Mandarin / Cantonese now supported in Slydr.

I finally finished changes to Alarm Clock 1.6, adds 10 new fonts making a total of 24 and 3 new tones (a total of 9 now). The users can test alarm tones while in trial mode 🙂

I have also started changes to Slydr for 2.5. So far, i have modified Trie Node to contain a word or a list of words.

Say you have god and good. in trie, you can enter god and it should display both god and good with (good before god :)). However the logic in trie meant that only last entry was valid. So i have modified the code to allow for one or more entries

I have also used a different logic when using predictive typing. When adding 1st words, trie lists iterates through many words and its time consuming (faster with more character user types). i have modified the predictive code so now it doesn’t use trie when user enters first character) and it is so much faster now.


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