Slydr 2.4 Submitted / 2.3 availble in marketplace

Slydr 2.3 with predictive algorithm has made it through testing and it now available.
I thought it was automatically published but for some reason i forgot select that options so today morning i manually published it.

Slydr 2.4 is ready and has been submitted. It contains dictionaries for both simplified and traditional chinese. It also contains a few bug fixes, few enhancements (toggle key background for shift / spacebar etc) and a much asked for cursor / caret for the textbox.

There i finally got around to adding it.

BTW the chinese support is using pronouciation dictionaries. The user can enter / swipe complete pronouciation or just the first char of each pronounciation. The example below should make it clearer.
如果 ru guo or rg
是的 shi de or sd

Now i have to start thinking about what to do for the next release…


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