Slydr 2.3 submitted for testing

I have finally submitted 2.3 for testing. It includes a significant change in functionality i.e. predictive typing.

Because the requirements for predictive typing are different as compared to sliding, i had to rework my word dictionaries slightly. hopefully it doesnt take significantly longer to load. I have used TRIE implementation as i mentioned previously instead of TST.

Apart from that i have reduced the creation of “use and throw” threads 🙂 i already had thread in background for dictionary processing, now i use extra events to cancel existing operation rather than trying to kill the thread (which of course never worked in WP7)

Finally i updated char popup width to match key width in portrait or landscape mode.

I am working on Mandarin / Cantonese dictionaries. Requires a bit more time as the dictionaries are slightly unusual 🙂



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