Marketplace Stats for Slydr

Hello All, I now have Marketplace stats for just over 2 months. So here’s the data from 18th of June to 17th of August.

Now lets look at some download per country (based on user settings, a lot of times, users set them to other regions if Marketplace was not available earlier)
Total paid users: 608

Australia Paid 28
Australia Paid 28
Australia Trial 178
Belgium Paid 3
Belgium Trial 46
Canada Paid 25
Canada Trial 251
Switzerland Paid 2
Switzerland Trial 19
Germany Paid 16
Germany Trial 362
Spain Paid 3
Spain Trial 55
France Paid 2
France Trial 114
United Kingdom Paid 47
United Kingdom Trial 653
Hong Kong SAR Paid 1
Hong Kong SAR Trial 8
Ireland Trial 27
India Paid 4
India Trial 5
Italy Paid 4
Italy Trial 88
South Korea Trial 1
Mexico Paid 3
Mexico Trial 36
New Zealand Paid 4
New Zealand Trial 41
Sweden Trial 1
Singapore Paid 2
Singapore Trial 134
United States Paid 464
United States Trial 4570

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