Ternary Search Tree

Since v1.9, i have been using Hashtable to do a first approximation lookup to see if filtered word (based on user slide over keyboard) exists or not.

This has been perfect. It gives me very fast lookup while allowing me to use string match algoritm later. However not everyone prefers sliding keyboards and for that reason i have been looking at allowing standard input mechanism and providing users with predictive word selection.

For that i need something like TST so do a partial match and display the list. Work has already started on it and i should see the results soon – couple of days at the max.

I know you might argue that mango will eventually come out and my work will be useless well i guess i will start supporting more non-WP7 supported languages then 🙂 we shall see.

sliding keyboard has been an excellent coding challenge (and a bit frustrating trying to keep users somewhat happy).


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