Slydr 2.2 now available

Slydr 2.2 has passed testing and has been published to marketplace servers.
It should start tickling down to the users some time today (still see old version in marketplace)

This should reduce crappy feedback. Why because for starters i have disabled Trial users from giving reviews – dont want to pay for it… fine can’t review it. Second cheeky thing or might be a better thing is to prompt registered users in expotentially decreasing way. First prompt for Review is done after 20 uses, second after 40, third 80, fourth 160 etc etc. The user can also choose to never be asked to Review.

I am sorry for doing this but I am human and i can only take so much crap from users who review with statements like this “This app needs the be updated by someone who actually knows what they’re doing.” or “It’s dumb, I can’t text or be online with it, a waste of a dollar. Uninstall ” or “WACK.” or “Not really sure what this is supposed to be or how to use it.”

If you dont like it.. dont buy it…. read what the description says.. then try it using trial mode. If you like it buy it. If you can’t be bothered with any of that, i dont really want you to rate the bleeding app.


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