Bulgarian, Croation and Slovenian support added

I have completed adding a few other european languages bulgarian, slovenian and croation. I think only have a few more left before i look at Mandarin / Cantonese. I will be implementing Mandarin / Cantonese support using pronounciation dictionary no support for chinese keyboard. I dont understand any of it and for that reason it is hard. To be fair i dont know most of the languages i support… a bit of Polish, a few words of Spanish, French, Italian and German.. beyond those few words i am lost with non english languages. I can speak a couple of Indian languages (swear in a few more) but writing and reading is just english. I have however been told that most chinese people tend to use pronouciation dictionary any ways.

I would like to hear from Greek / Russian / Ukrainian users (not that i know of any to start with). The character set is totally different and like chinese the words are alien to my brain. Let me know if its working okay.

DIY is going good.


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