Globalisation, Localisation and WP7

Pictorial on how to use Globalisation / localisation in WP7 / Silverlight development.

More comprehensive sample (including appbar and title localisation) has been uploaded to codeplex

Pictorial below:

Close visual studio and open the csproj file with notepad or textpad etc. Add the supported cultures node or edit it to add your supported locales. Once added, save and close the editor.

Open project using visual studio.

Now lets add resource files

Now add other locales (e.g. german)

there’s some issue with resource constructor being internal and setting the resource as Application wide resource. So lets expose it manually

Now declare app resource in App.xaml file

Now lets consume it in a xaml

Lets start emulator

Now change emulator display language and accept changes

Now lets restart the app

There… all done.. you can do this for just about any language


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